Stacy Powers

Stacy was one of those girls that you might not pick up on a good day, but she does have the skill to make a bad day great. And by skill I mean she bends over on command and just lets me fuck the hell out of her doggy style. That's all I really need to fix a shitty day.

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Alexis & Gina

Alexis and Gina might be straight up ghetto whores, but fuck if they didn't make me happy all night long. They were bored out of their minds so when I told them to stop by and I'd show them a good time, they were all for that shit. They sucked my dick down like it was candy and just kept going harder and harder.

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Even though Egypt is a straight up ghetto whore , she has a touch of the exotic in her. That was enough to keep me interested, and then when I saw that trimmed pussy of hers I knew I was addicted already. She was one fun lay, although she was one of the most vocal women I have ever had the opportunity to fuck.

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Tiffany wanted cock, cash, or both, and well - I was there to supply her with whatever she wanted. First she slurps down my dick, then she climbed on top of me and took my dick nice and hard. I love when a ghetto whore gets in control - they just do all sorts of freaky shit.

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Blaze & Cherry

Now these ghetto whores were hot as fuck - I had to figure out a way to get them back to my place. A quick flash of my wallet was all I needed to get these horny honies in the back of my car. We fucking sped over to my house and I just barely made it into the bedroom before they were practically fighting over my dick.

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This petite black chick was a total hoodrat, but fuck if she couldn't suck a dick better than anyone I've ever run into. Her pussy was pretty good too, although I'm not entirely sure who had been in there before me. No matter, though. I know I had fun, and that's really all that matters in the end, isn't it?

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Cece's a classy ghetto hoochie, I swear. I mean, she waited until we got in the car to start sucking me off. That counts for something, doesn't it? I did eventually get her in to the house, where she proceeded to pull out those big black titties and generally drove me crazy until I covered her in cum.

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Mone was wandering around outside with nothing better to do, so I extracted her out of her ghetto and brought her to my place. She seemed to want to have a lot of fun with my cock, sucking it off to start off with, then opening up her whore legs nice and wide so I could just fuck the hell out of that pussy.

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Isis is one of those blacker than black ghetto chicks that I always go nuts over. I don't know what it is, but she does it for me a hell of a lot better than the mocha skinned hotties that stop by. Maybe that has something to do with that incredible ass of hers.

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Victoria Allure

When Victoria is in the mood, she will take on every cock in the room and then some. That's where I come in - I hooked her up with my dick along with a few select others and we just set to work on her. Her holes were never so filled as they were today, and she certainly showed her appreciation.

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Ms. Platinum

Ms. Platinum was a skinny ghetto whore, but that doesn't mean I wasn't into her. Her tits were crowned with some very poky nipples that had me sucking on them right away. I do have to admit that her pussy felt like a fucking dream as well, all nice, tight and moist.

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Marie's titties are definitely her selling point for me - I love big natural tits like that, especially when they're paired up with a great ass. I got her sucking my dick in two seconds, but I really just bent her over and started slamming my cock in deep.

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We found this hot hooker loitering on some corner deep in the hood so we thought we would be nice and ride her home! Silky smooth pussy, bangin' boobies & a tight little apple booty that you cannot resist! Enjoy the movie!

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