* * * * - Hustlers Highest Rating Set in an elegant cafe at an island resort. Director Gerard Damiano takes us inside the minds of the characters to examine their fantasies about each other! Each vignette is increasingly erotic, with heat generated by the thoughtful examination of interpersonal relationship! This is one of the few films that draws applause at its conclusion! A Masterpiece!

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The Sweetest Scam of All... This is story of a high society hostess named Tangerine and her three teenage daughters Faith, Hope and Charity. Tangerine throws lavish parties at her sumptuous seaside home for influential business executives. However, what she is really up to has more to do with dollars than with hospitality. Her bait, Faith, Hope and Charity, who pretend to be wholesome teenagers, are actually not teenagers at all, and no relation to Tangerine whatsoever. It's a good, spicy tale and a provocative experience, as you follow the three nymphettes in their erotic seduction!

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Old Tobias Clark (Herschel Savage) hires a psychologist to help him come to terms with a regretful decision he made in his youth. He gave up love for money and let the haunting beauty Lily (Tamara Longley) slip through his hands. While working on the case Dr. Verlay (Kay Parker) probes her own patients to find their definition of "desire", a word Lily used as she walked out of Tobias' life. Desire boasts an all-star cast in some of the most sensual, mood mood-enhancing sequences ever filmed.

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Tropic of Desire

The infamous World War II cathouse, The Pink Flamingo, is the setting for "Tropic Of Desire". Georgina Spelvin, the first lady of the adult cinema, plays Frances, the warm-hearted madam, who caters to the sex starved servicemen. Along with the explicit scenes as the troops roll in, are slices of genuine nostalgia, via the sets and period music. One of the more interesting concepts yet tackled. The stag film within the film is most unique....

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Brown Sugar

Sahara shines as Sugar, an up and coming singer who, along with her background singers take the music biz (and the producers) for a sexually explosive ride. Terrific soundtrack highlights this nasty, all-black presentation.

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Summer of Laura

The Sensual Saga of Radiant Summer Lust Along a lonely beach - once a summer colony off the Long Island coast, a man walks slowly, reliving a summer, the summer of Laura, when he was 19, Richie, (David Hunter), has a friend on the island, Gene (Eric Edwards), who is gregarious and mischievous. Like the more sensitive Richie, he too was 19. During that summer of awakening he loses his youthful desires and develops his manhood. On the way to the movies, Richie literally bumps into Laura, (introducing Marcia Moon), an older woman who lives nearby. She asks him if he'll help her with come chores the following day. He is totally flustered, but agrees. Richie goes to her house and after knocking on the door, and getting no response, enters. On the floor he finds a crumpled telegram which reads, "Your husband, Bob Hayes, has been killed in action". Laura appears, lonely and vulnerable. She moves toward him in a gesture of human contact. They slowly begin to dance.

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The Best of Girls with Girls 1

VCX is "The Home of the Classics" and this first installment of our fabulous all-girl vintage series: "Best of Girls with Girls" shows we are also the home of the best collection of classic lesbian action anywhere! Here, for the enjoyment of all you lovers of labia-licking are some of the best girl-girl pairings of the top stars from porn's "Golden Era"!

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A Taste of Sugar

Serena, Centerfold in Playboy and Hustler, plays the role of Sugar, Virgin bride at the most spectacular wedding orgy ever filmed! The wedding cake is on, under, and in the most erotic places you could imagine and everyone gets A Taste of Sugar!

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The Best of Girls with Girls 2

The Best of VCX Classics Presents: The Best of Girls With Girls Volume 2 VCX, "The Home of the Classics", is also home to the greatest collection of lady-lovin' ladies anywhere! This second installment of "The Best of Girls with Girls" is complete with fifteen of the most erotic scenes ever filmed, all from Porn's "Golden Era".

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The Blonde

Valerie Vincent was Hollywood's reigning blonde sex queen until her mysterious and tragic death. Now, several years later, every aspiring actress is vying to play her in the steamy new motion picture based on Valerie's life. Along the way some strange facts are discovered about Valerie's disappearance and some rather shocking ones about her early film career. Annette Haven, the reigning queen of adult movie land, appears in the dual role of Valerie and an aspiring actress hoping to play her. Along with Annette, the Lewis Brothers of Detroit have brought together the exciting Brooke West, Bonnie Holiday and introducing oriental beauty Mai Lin. Hollywood has for years exploited and enjoyed its platinum queens, and now adult film land has its own. Annette Haven is The Blonde.

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Surrender in Paradise

Surrender in Paradise...A throbbing adventure... A ship sinks in the south seas... The survivors make it to a remote, uncharted island. Just one man... but, oh so many gorgeous girls. A lovely story of beautiful girls (Ginger Lynn, Crystal Holland, Rene Tiffany, Lois Ayres, Stacy Donovan, Diva) stranded on a desert island - and how they succumb to Arthur (Jerry Butler), an escaped convict. Filmed entirely on location in the South Seas on an island many have called the most lush on the planet. Once again David I. Frazer and Svetlana have brought to the adult cinema screen more gorgeous, fresh young faces and bodies. The action is hot, heavy and sweltering. "Surrender In Paradise" is a throbbing adventure.

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Teenage Fantasies

Rene Bond stars in this classic film about the fantasies of today's youth. She captures the art of seduction in the every erotic detail and her manipulations with the male form earned her the title of 'The Queen of Porn.' Although being both extremely beautiful and talented, Rene is only one of the highlights of the film. The movie is one of the greatest collection of erotic scenes ever filmed, leaving virtually nothing for the imagination. After several teens are asked about their most explicit dreams and desires, they are allowed to experience them. Filled with many sweet, innocent lovelies, the adventures of the "now" generation is definitely for the young at heart.

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The Good Girls of Godiva High

The finishing school for the up & coming girls! The "Good Girls Of Godiva High" opens up in the girls gymnasium when we are introduced to the loveliest group of young ladies any modern high school could produce. While scanning through an adult magazine and educating their minds, our young heroines discuss the possibility of changing their traditional Godiva High School dance to a more modern disco party. How they were going to convince Miss Lena, the head mistress, (Susan DeAngelis) is the girls biggest dilemma. You will long remember the performances by Danielle and Daphne as they wear down super-stud Bob Presley, owner of the fabulous Club 52, hottest disco in the city

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Four Women In Trouble

Four very beautiful ladies play pregnant women who visit an abortionist (John Holmes) who quickly uses his big tool to ream out their "problems".

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Good Morning Taija Rae

Tajia spends her vacation on the beach, while waiting for her boyfriend, who is having fun in the city. Jerry's got Taija, Buck's got Taija, Fallon, Taija and Ariel have each other and the guys! This is a Superstar, super erotic story of love and lust...What a way to get up in the morning!

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Surfside Sex

The Summer heat sizzles in this Malibu moment under the sexy sun when a group of uninhibited orgasm groupies converge on a beach house. The action switches from the lofty bedrooms to the beach front jacuzzi to the ultimate private tanning suite! A sex-filled romp along the glistening golden coastline sparkles with Summer sin!

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Candy Goes To Hollywood

Gail Palmer's thoroughly entertaining sequel to the "Candy" original. Candy comes to Hollywood and is immediately pounced upon by a wacky talent agent. She becomes the sexual toast of Tinseltown. One of the very best first hours ever produced, in that it is either no-stop comedy or great sex action all the way. After that, there is total action to the end, including the mandatory Hollywood orgy scene. An all star cast helps this clever show biz lampoon of several famous TV shows and movie studios. An absolutely superior sex-comedy, one of Porndom's greatest ever!

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7 faces, 7 appetites, 7 times the action... in the body of one woman. Sylvia is a racy, action packed, fast moving, in-depth study about severely berated human behavior. Not since "Three Faces of Eve" has a film attempted to so clearly define a true history of multiple personalities. Sylvia D'Constant (Joanna Bell) is seemingly a quiet, reserved, saintly person living on a quiet, reserved well-manicured street in upper-middle class suburbia. From the opening of this film, the viewer becomes involved in the gamut of intrigue, twists, turns, and always the unexpected as we experience Sylvia.

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