Nasty Lady

From VCX and Porn Classics - meet Nasty Lady! She's naughty, she's naked, and she's very Nasty! Here's the story of a highly sexed and charming country girl moving to the big city looking for love, excitement and erotic thrills. Tara Aire gives one of the best acting jobs of her career, playing the country girl J.J., who goes to San Francisco to meet her old high school friend Katy (played by Lynx Canon). Katy lives in a run-down hotel whose tenants are very sexually gifted people. Mai Lin and Jade, two oriental lovelies take an elevator ride and follow a man to his room for a wild orgy. J.J. goes to a neighborhood bar to watch her friend perform with a band. It soon turns into a live sex show and the audience participates in one of the largest orgies ever shot on film.

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Sex The Hard Way

Starring Rachel Ryan (aka Penney Morgan), Tiffany Blake, Peter North and Tony Martino, you'll love finding out just how much of a gamble sex is - the hard way! An action-packed story of fast women, easy money and all the decadent thrills the gambling world is famous for. A high roller (Peter North) owes repeated successes at the track and gaming tables to his infallible head for figures, especially the soft girlish kind! This is amply proven by his sensuous wife (Penny Morgan) who doesn’t nag when he stays out late, but gets her own licks in with her sexy girlfriend (Tiffany Blake) instead. And Jennifer Noxt, who gets it on to the pounding of thoroughbred horses, as well as Keli Richards, who also falls prey to the gamblers seductive charms. Some think he’s playing the odds; you’ll see he’s playing the broads, for all the hard-hitting power pumpage their young bodies can take! (from VCX and Porn Classics!)

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Island of Love

Starring Lisa Lake, Diane Hunter and Tom Byron, "Island of Love" takes you on an orgy adventure of lesbian lust and bisexual dreams! Two young ladies are swept to the Island of Love via a fantasy frolic aboard an ocean cruiser. Upon their arrival they are greeted and soon swept off their feet by two fellows who show them the island. Sara and Terri soon realize that their voyage was only the beginning of a wet dream come true. When Lewis and Laddy decide to show them everything, that's exactly what they do. Sara and Terri are more than happy to return the favor. Island of Love takes the viewer along for an excursion of erotic flings that develop into moments of heart throbbing passion you'll love.

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Sorority Pink

Welcome to Upsilon Sigma at Lost River College, the hottest sorority on the hippest campus in California. It's a place where a naive girl can get a quick education in pledging oneself to love and lust. Of course, with big sisters like Megan Leigh, Britt Morgan, Porsche Lynn & Nina Hartley, there's always a helping hand around!

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Expose Me Now

EXPOSE ME NOW tells the story of two brothers, Shane (played by Hershel Savage), an outstanding member of proper society, and Able a nefariously selfish hustler who strives for happiness in its two most sinful forms; sex and money. When their wealthy uncle dies and leaves everything to Shane, Able goes on a mission to cash in on some of the loot. This is classic XXX at its finest. Filmed in his prime, Ron Jeremy shows off his phenomenal acting skills and infamous sexual talent.

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Wine Me Dine Me 69 Me

Join the star studded cast in this classic porn flick - Wine Me, Dine Me, 69 Me! Featuring Seka, Annette Haven, Ron Jeremy, Candida Royale, Herschel Savage, Debi Diamond and many, many others, you'll find out just how much fun it is to be wined, dined - and 69'd!

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Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii, Eruption tells the fast-paced story of a wealthy beauty and her con-man lover who plan to do away with her husband, collect $1,000,000 double indemnity insurance, split the money and live happily ever after, etc., etc. However, the lady's daughter, has different ideas, and of them is to make a sexual conquest of the con-man, and conquer, she does! We are now embroiled in a mother/daughter love triangle - as explosive a mix as you have ever seen.

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Erotic Express

Hop on the "Erotic Express" with the horniest group of commuters you'll ever see. They want nothing more than constant, hard and steam sexy. It's non-stop seat swapping with this group! Getting off on this train takes on a whole new meaning. They're looking for this choo-choo to find a tunnel that goes real long, and real, real deep! Take your seats, it's time to leave the station!

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Filmed in 1970 by the notorious Amero Brothers, Bacchanale is the ultimate hardcore film of its time. Follow our gorgeous leading lady into a depraved dream world warped by subversive desire, flagrant indulgence and lascivious lust. Bacchanale broke all the rules of traditional film making while establishing the foundation from which the porn industry would grow in the coming years. Its artistic vision combined with the unforgettable sex scenes makes Bacchanale a must see for every fan of not just classic porn but film making as a whole.

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V, The Hot One

Starring the stunning Annette Haven as V, the film follows her transition from housewife, to a successful young attorney, to high-priced call girl, to cheap street whore extraordinaire. From the penthouses, the Mercedes, the minks and the sparkling dinner parties, the dingy skid row hotel rooms, V and her companions lead us through every facet of sensual perversion. You'll follow her from her home, to a penthouse filled with 12 couples engaged in an elaborate orgy, to a stylish brothel for discreet millionaires, and finally to a cheap hotel where anything with anybody goes.

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The Seven Seductions of Madame Lau

Christopher Hamilton is a wealthy and arrogant British playboy seeking the ultimate sexual experience. His quest eventually leads him to the mysterious sanctuary of Madame Lau, an exotic temptress endowed with mystical powers. She promises Christopher that he will find the gratification he seeks - but that the key to this treasured reward lies only within himself. Transforming herself into a host of beautiful women, Madame Lau caters to Christopher's every whim, and soon he is ushered into an erotic world where his fantasies come to life in graphic detail. The Seven Seductions: # Madam Lau Teaches New Sensations. # The Famous Movie Star Fulfills His Desires. # The Green Door Orgy Reenacted with 5 Girls. # A Wild Orgy with Sex Crazed Girls Who Turn Into Mannequins. # His First Love, Lucy, Was His Favorite Fantasy. # With His Own Private Sex Teacher... Georgina Spelvin # With His Ex-Wife Veronica - Who Was The Reward of His Lessons (Kay Parker)

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The Liberation of Honey Doll Jones

It is a sex laced Tobacco Road, a slice of life on the raunch. It is also a rural, ribald Romeo and Juliet. Honeydoll Jones is above all a sensual turn on, but it is filled with many other wild elements. A cross between "Macon County Line" and "Dukes of Hazard", this white trash tale stars the gorgeous Victoria Winter as the backwoods babe who does anything to leave the trailer park. Some superb and spacey scenes here with marvelous performances all around.

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A Tribute to the King III

The Absolute Finest On Screen Film Appearances of John C. Holmes. Selected exclusively from the most extensive library of adult erotica. Starring John Holmes, Ginger Lynn and a bevy of classic performers, featuring scenes from these classics: # Summertime Blue # Teenage Madam # Little French Maid # Tropic of Passion # California Gigolo # Pizza Girls # Teenage Cruisers # The Raincoat Crowd

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The Good, The Bad, & The Horny

A new lesson on Playing "Cowboys & Indians" - and where the quivers mean more than a bag of arrows. ...Meanwhile back on the ranch... The game of "Cowboys & Indians" takes on a new meaning when the cowpokes (guys) take on the Indians (girls) in a sexy free-for-all to find out if those "sex shooters" are really better than a quiver full of arrows. In reality, Steve runs a dude ranch in the mountains and, after teaching Suzie the finer points of "horsing around" he challenges this rich little Beverly Hills brat and her friends to a game of "search and enjoy". The cowboys are up to the challenge, but the Indians princesses 'head 'em off at the pass'! In the woods, this raiding party would have made Custers Last Stand...his last lay.

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Sheila's Payoff

Proving that the chase can be the real prize! One of the earliest blue movies featuring some superb acting from all involved, and a crime plot that will make you remember "Reservoir Dogs" but adds some emotional interest. The various situations are all well paced as is the sexual payoff that Sheila encounters, with quite a bevy of horny friends along for the ride. Of special note are some early screen appearances of now legendary woodsmen, Paul Thomas & Don Fernando. A good mix of decadence! Mimi Morgan's boyfriend is killed by the Mob-to pay off a debt and now she is forced into prostitution. She now must work to get her-REVENGE! Sheila's Payoff will be HUGE!

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Sexy Nurses On and Off Duty

On or off duty, these sexy nurses make sure you are sexually healthy! There is boffing going on in bed, out of bed, in the stables, out of the stables. Heck, there is boffing going on everywhere!

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Thunder Buns

Year: 1976 A wild, sensuous romp with your favorite adult movie stars. The exciting Jennifer Welles, fascinating Linda Wong, gorgeous Annette Haven, and the fabulous identical twins Brooke and Taylor Young) provide you with provocative action that you could only find in one film. "Thunderbuns" is truly a tempest in B-cup and there is a turn-on with virtually every turn of the film.

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All The Senator's Girls

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