Victoria's Secret Desires

Come in and discover exactly what Victoria's Secret Desires really are! Find out by indulging in your favorite vintage and retro adult entertainment favorites! Go back in time to when you discovered those "dirty magazines" hiding under the bed or in the closet and you would grab your dick and jerk off to luscious ladies of porn! Uncover Victoria's Secret Desires here with VCX hardcore and Porn Classics!

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Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide was the winner of 9 Erotica Awards, including the "Best Picture" - and as the title says - with this classic porn flick, there really is "Nothing To Hide"! Featuring an all-star cast of delicious scrumptious babes from the "Golden Age of Porn" - you'll find out when you are in lust, there definitely is Nothing to hide! You'll find yourself remembering the best of retro hardcore, and want to discover your alltime favorite xxx films! Come on over and check out Porn Classics and discover why Nothing To Hide was the winner of adult awards! From VCX - Nothing To Hide stars legend John Leslie and his sidekick Richard Pacheco, Leslie the promiscuous ladies man who can never sleep in one bed too long, Pacheco the dim witted romantic waiting for the girl of his dreams. Directed by Anthony Spinelli, one of the most illustrious directors of his day Nothing To Hide carries a big budget, phenomenal acting and first class sex scenes with stars including Erica Boyer, Holly McCall and Misty Regan. Nothing to Hide is classic porn in its purest form. All natural women, fully developed plot, believable characters and spectacular sex scenes make Nothing To Hide a must see.

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Perfect Partners

Talk about trading places! This classic porn flick from VCX and Porn Classics brings you some very sexy scenes with your favorite all time adult entertainers! Wanting to find out if the grass is really greener on the other side of the fence, brothers decide to swap out their wives and get a little taste of each other! What follows is a revelation that sometimes your partner is better than what you expected - and a huge orgy of proportions you would love to be involved with! Enjoy the hairy pussy, the cock sucking, and the hottest babes from your favorite vintage and retro hardcore - here at Perfect Partners from VCX and Porn Classics!

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Sexual Power

Sexual Power, how is yours? Who doesn't want to experience the power of sex appeal! Come on over and check out some of these classic porn flicks from VCX and Porn Classics! After watching these favorite vintage xxx hardcore films, there's nothing you wouldn't do to gain some of your own "Sexual Power"! From the VCX Website: From a land far away and a time long ago comes the legend of The Golden Mask, whose wearer is granted the ultimate power… Sexual Power. Tex, a lonesome cowboy from Texas, inherits a villa in France... along with a bevy of beauties who live there as well. First, he’s greeted by Charlotte, who welcomes him in a way he never dreamed of. Later that night, he’s visited in his bedroom by a shapely vision wearing a bizarre golden mask. She wastes no time in showing him her unique talents. Trying to re-discover the ‘Girl in the Golden Mask’, Tex enlists the aid of some new friends, and they interview all the women there in an attempt to find her. Meanwhile, Tex develops a relationship with the fresh and innocent Pauline, who takes special interest in him and in his quest to find the girl.

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Fuck Bush

Hairy! Definitely Hairy Pussy here in this collection of some of the best film clips from classic porn that never saw the cutting room floor! We've got Kay Parker, Seka, Desiree Cousteau, Serena and Dorothy LeMay in scenes you've got to see to believe! These retro vintage porn flicks will bring back many memories of your favorite all time hottest femme fatales! Come on over and check out Porn Classics and look for the hairiest pussies you've seen in a long time!

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Three Faces of Angel

Classic porn with Angel, aka Jennifer James! This brunette beauty is a favorite for guys who love watching xxx films they grew up with! Catch Angel here as she shows off her sexy ass, tight firm body, and the moves that made her a porn star here in Three Faces of Angel! Angel sends a letter to her friend Cindy filled with sexual adventures. As Cindy reads the letter, Angel’s old photos ignite memories that take Cindy, and us, on a sexual adventure into the world of Angel and her friends. Each scene profiles a side of Angel you may have never seen - in other words, sex filled romps filled with this brunette babe! Come on over and check out over 150 Classic Porn videos here at Porn Classics!

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Samantha and the Deep Throat Girls

This dark & probing story, shot entirely in a lavish 13th century European castle, awakens the sexual desires that have lingered in the minds of every red-blooded man for centuries. In the tradition of "The Story of O", Ariel (Alicia Monet) has placed herself entirely in the hands of sexual expert Samantha (played by gorgeous newcomer Crystal Evans) and her staff of assistants. Together, they try to teach Ariel every trick in the book designed to please her lover. This bizarre sexual odyssey is for the more sophisticated viewer of erotica. It is an incredible performance that is sure to teach us all a new trick or two!

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Making It Big

You dream of making it big, in fact, it fills your fantasies every day all the time! You'd love for these retro porn stars to be helping you make it bigger and better - and now you have the chance here at Porn Classics! Come and join this acting class with Jacqueline Lorains and Desiree Lane and find out what goes on behind the scenes with their acting lessons! Which porn starlet will come out on top, which porn starlet will make you big? From VCX - Unlike any movie about the Hollywood casting system, MAKING IT BIG takes us on a ride behind the scenes into an acting workshop that trains its girls in what really counts in the world’s movie capital: sexual performance! Our story begins with a young country girl named Cherry who has won a scholarship in the DuMar Manor School of Acting. She is informed their training method may be a little unusual but has proven to be highly effective. Cherry gets intimate lessons from several "instructors" on proper technique. She soon realizes the only way to beat out her arch rival Liz is to challenge her to a one-on-one competition during an audition for Hollywood’s biggest, richest, movie producer. The winner will literally be MAKING IT BIG!

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Double Your Pleasure 2x

Ready for 2 times the pleasure? Then you definitely want to check out luscious pornstars Brooke and Taylor Young! These two classic sluts love doubling up for sex, and they'll show you how much they mirror each other in the bedroom! It's time to Double Your Pleasure 2X! Pretty Jean and Jo Halliday, played by the real twins Brooke and Taylor Young, run away from their dirty old uncle and head for New York City to make their smashing entrance into the wicked world of "modeling." Meanwhile, uncle hires a private eye, a peeping dick, to track them down. The ending is a prick twister. How does the private dick solve the mystery of uncles missing money and collect his fee? Well, we'll save that juicy bit for the movies...

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Flesh Fever

From Cal Vista and VCX Classic Porn, take yourself on a journey through Paris and the hottest vintage porn stars! Money can't buy you everything, but it sure goes a long way for all the fun that one of the richest men in France is having. Wine, women, and more women make up his modern day harem. You'll find orgies, dildo fun, tight hot bodies of the best Euro porn starlets prancing through the streets of decadent sexual pleasures! Come on over and find a cure for Flesh Fever here at Porn Classics!

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Please Don't Stop

Luscious Amber Lynn always brings on the hottest sex scenes, and here in this classic porn flick, Please Don't Stop, she shows why she has always been a favorite! Hitchhiking gold-digger, Pearl (played by Amber Lynn) meets up with a young girl going to visit rich family members for the first time in years! Well, Pearl smells a boner bonus and trades places with her companion. It’s going to be a weekend of delicious and hot deception that will have you screaming PLEASE DON'T STOP. After watching you'll be ready for more of your favorite porn stars in their best vintage xxx hardcore, so come on over and check out VCX videos and Porn Classics!

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The Grind

You've heard about the 7-year itch, right? Well, we've got the 3-year itch here for you with this Classic Porn feature - The Grind! Starring some of your favorite classic pornstars like Shanna McCullough and Krista Lane, you'll love this retro look at sex in a boring marriage! As supplied by VCX - After three years in a marriage where the missionary position is the dominant position and cock sucking is out of the question, Mike Horner, seeks to liberate his sexually inhibited wife, Shanna McCullough. He takes her to a live sex show where she becomes the target of a sex crazed blonde who scares her out of the building. But just when he thinks all is lost, his wife begins to open up, and when she does, he finds the lurid nympho he has always wanted. Now that's retro - and this is Porn Classics!

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Too Hot To Touch

Fill your fantasies with one of the hottest adult porn stars ever! We're talking luscious lady, Kay Parker! You'll love checking out this classic retro film featuring Kay, Lynx Canon, Jennifer James and Lili Marlene! These sexy ass sirens of vintage hardcore are definitely "Too Hot To Touch"! Take a look at this light hearted comedy that takes place at a ski resort where Kay Parker and Lynx Cannon play promiscuous nurses at the medical center and Jamie Gillis is the pussy hungry ski pro who runs the lodge. Too Hot To Touch features a few of the greatest actors and actresses ever to fuck on film. The rare and gorgeous Angel is at her best, as is Kay Parker. But it is Lynx Cannon who steals the show not only with her spectacular body, but with some of the best acting classic porn has to offer. Her scene with Jamie GIllis is perhaps one of the best performances in either actor's career! So from VCX and Porn Classics, enjoy Too Hot To Touch!

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Naked Afternoon

She is nineteen, her name is Thomasina, and you’ve never met a girl quite like her. She is free, completely uninhibited and incredibly seductive beyond her years. Starting as a masseuse in an elegant Beverly Hills spa, she meets a wealthy film producer, who promises her a fabulous career in films. It is only a small part in an X-rated film, but there she begins a dizzying rise to the top of the world, and the viewer is treated to a rare behind-the-scenes expose of what really goes on in the fabled studios of Hollywood. Naked Afternoon, starring the exquisite Abigail Clayton and the elegant Annette Haven, is a film that will delight the most demanding X-rated aficionado. You owe it to yourself to see this timeless film.

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Wadds of Johnny

Wadds of Johnny, loads of Johnny, however you want to view it, this classic porn king, John Holmes is back in a release from VCX and Porn Classics! John Holmes starred in over 2500 films during his 20-odd years of porn stardom. He'll always be recognized as the undisputed King Of Porn. An accomplished actor and a favorite with adult film fans, John Holmes was and is the quintessential male porn star. Join us in some of your favorite vintage and retro porn scenes starring the legendary King of Porn, John Holmes!

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Night of the Spanish Fly

Looking for your favorite Classic Porn? Adult XXX has been around for decades, and VCX along with Porn Classics is proud to bring you some of the hottest titles you haven't seen in years! Come back and visit your favorite retro and vintage hardcore videos and porn stars with titles such as Night Of The Spanish Fly! Here in New York City, authorities are shocked to discover an outbreak of uncontrolled sexual frenzy brought on by the contamination of hot dogs by the aphrodisiac Spanish fly. Despite the warning or maybe because of them, people across the city indulge in the delicious meal before indulging sins of an altogether sordid kind. Engulfed by the incredible landscape of New York City, this is a must own for every classic collector and a must see for anyone interested in learning more about the roots of XXX.

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The Lady Is A Tramp

Porn starlet, Samantha Fox one best adult actress in this film, This Lady Is A Tramp! She blows you out of your fantasies as she sucks, fucks and enjoys her way through high society! Lesbian trysts with Gloria Leonard, spicy sexual rendezvous with Ron Jeremy, and many more of your favorite classic porn star moments with Bobby Astyr, David Christopher, Carmen, Merle Michaels, Veri Knotty, R. Bolla, George Payne and Ron Hudd. If you want to find out how a lady goes from up to down quick - then you don't want to miss, this classic porn VCX video of This Lady Is A Tramp!

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Here is your chance to meet the most desirable, voluptuous, hot-blooded female ever to explode on the screen. Her mother named her Kate, her acquaintances call her Miss Harrison, but the men in her life call her Easy, because she is! Jessie St. James plays Easy, and she plays it wild! Beginning as a quiet, unassuming high school teacher, she is seduced by one of her students. This highly charged erotic experience opens a new life for Kate and after going through half the guys on the team, she leaves teaching forever... Her name and her way of life henceforth shall be the same: Easy!

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